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Excellent product

Great product - works as described.

Excellent product

I purchased this product to treat fabric for my bag sewing business. It is so easy to apply and I only needed one treatment to make the fabric resistant to water. It did not change the nature or feel of the fabric treated. I will continue to use this product and am so pleased I found it. Highly recommend. We all need to support Australian businesses whenever we can

Easy to order and Easy to use

Bought the 2 L trigger pack to use on our family's ski gear. Had 6 ski jackets and 6 ski pants to spray. I only used about half of the container - so have plenty left over for next time. Ordering process was quick and simple and I received the product within a few days. Spraying the product onto the clothes was made easy with the battery operated trigger. The product fully dried overnight and I was then able to pack gear away.


This stuff is great, works like a charm, Highly recommend.

Product review

Great product, easy to use and suits all products/applications

lounge protection

Purchased twin pack of this product after finding it online and reviewing it. Used it on our 3 seater lounge and 2 recliners. Very happy with product.

Fabulous product

Very happy with the ProtectMe product for our new lounge - didn't want to put chemicals on our lounge, but wanted some protection against spills etc, and this works perfectly!

ProtectMe with spray gun

Glad I ordered spray gun as 2 lounges with regular spray would have taken much longer. Do not yet have any spills to test but happy to have ProtectMe on these white lounges for the long run.

Very Satisfied

Its a grear product. I just got this for my sofa but thinking of using this on other furniture items as well. Specially with a toddler in the house you need good protection. Plus this is safe to use, i did a bit of research before the purchase.

So far so good ....

my White low cut converse are still white after 1 wear x

Highly Recommend

We purchased the manual spray product for our fabric sofa. Application was easy and we left it to dry over night. When we poured water on to test the product we found it beaded and ran off the fabric. Great product, would highly recommend! Also love the fact that it is eco-friendly.

Somewhat Disappointing

After doing my research online, I decided to purchase this product despite it being significantly more expensive than other similar products available in the market. This was based on the product receiving predominantly positive reviews (bar one) and the fact that it appeared to be a superior product (claiming reapplication was only required every 2-3 years compared to other products that had to be reapplied every 12 months).

I purchased the 5 liter pack with applicator as I had two lounge suits to protect. The applicator made it quiet easy to apply a uniform cover. I applied two even coats to one lounge and 2 even coats to about 85% of the second lounge before running out! (Although the 5L should have been more than enough?). I allowed the first coat to dry for 12hrs+ before applying the second coat.

After 24 hours, I tested the product by spilling a cap full of water onto the protected surfaces. While the water did predominantly bead across the fabric, it soaked in at the point of contact with the material. I tested this several times at in different areas with the same result. I'm not sure if that is how the product is supposed to behave but to me this would only minimize staining, not prevent it. Also not sure if applying another coat would have eliminated this problem, but I did not have any product left and 3 coats seems excessive!

Fabulous product. Great for outdoor furnishings

To easy

Apllied it with battery operated gun easy to use tested it the following day and bingo it works exactly as its meant to so far so good

Lounge waterproofing

This product worked Excellent definitely going to buy more

So easy!

A breeze to apply with the spray gun, and you wouldn’t even know our lounge has been coated - until a spill just slides right off!

Great product and service

Very glad we found this product to protect our new couch from our very spewy newborn!

It really works! Fast shipping, great service A++++

I loved how quickly it arrived. I ordered the spray bottle and was very happy with the quality of the bottle and trigger allowing me to cover my entire lounge easily and quickly. Product dries fast and when spill tested lived up to its expectations. Spillage at on top of my clinch instead of absorbing straight up. Very pleased with the result! Cheaper than having someone else do it, great pricing! Highly recommending this to everyone I know. Would buy again in a heart beat. So glad I found this product. A++++

Super happy with protectME

We’re a young family with a busy toddler. Purchased protectME for our new rug. We chose it because of the desire for a clean non toxic product for our family. Super happy with how easy it was to apply and that it had no chemical smell.

Great service!

Haven't used the product yet, but was delivered very promptly. Well done!


Very fast delivery, so easy to apply I did 2 cars in no time and works like a charm. I would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic footwear protector!

Finally, something that ACTUALLY protects my shoes. It was the eco-friendly ingredients that first caught my attention, but after actually trying the protector I can vouch for the fact that it works incredibly well too!

So far, so good

I had bought 2 9sqm outdoor umbrellas without considering whether they were waterproof or not. At the first rain, we found they were definitely not. With an important function coming up, we were a bit desperate to find some waterproofing agent. We initially looked at all the products off the shelf at hardware type stores and camping stores, but there was nothing that would cover the required area at a price that could be considered reasonable. After spending a lot of time searching on the net, I found ProtectME and was able obtain a 2l container very quickly. Application was easy using a 5l pump sprayer, and I had enough to give each umbrella 2 coats. So far, it has proved to work pretty well, though the umbrella construction allows water through in a couple of places. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome and the service.

Easy Application, Great Results

I recently reupholstered a lounge suite and want the set to last for years. I searched around and really liked all of the specs of the ProtectMe products. I got the 2L with the sprayer option as I wanted to protect my lounge suite and rug. The sprayer was easy to use, however it is a little messy. There were no harsh fumes during or after application. We put ProtectMe to the test this last weekend as our lounge had Singapore Slings, which are like alcoholic red cordial, spilled all over it. The liquid just balled up and wiped off. It didn’t soak in at all or stain. Seriously if I spill Singapore slings on my kitchen bench it leaves a red mark but the lounge and rug were perfectly fine. Thank you! I will buy again for the re-application in 3 years!

4 litre fabric protector

I was looking for a fabric protector for my dinning chairs & found protectME. Very easy to apply with a trigger bottle & happy to be supporting an Australian made product. Will be ordering again when needed.