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Good - though you need a lot

I found that it works well in my sofa; liquid beads and does not penetrate most of the area where I've sprayed it. That said, I did have to apply *a lot*. I used a 2ltr bottle on one sofa and one rug. The rug (thick fabric) has some patches where liquid beads, though for most of the area it still goes into the fabric.

Great product!

Was impressed with how fast our delivery was from ordering.

Applying the product was easy. Dried quickly and gave me the protection we needed for our outdoor lounges. Will certainly buy again.

Good, clean product

ProtectMe delivers what it promises. A safe and odorless product that protects your furniture. Ordering and delivery were smooth and easy.

Odourless, quick drying and effective ( so far!) product.

This product is all the adjectives above and in addition the product delivery was rapid. I am impressed at this stage as the “bead” test was positive with the water beading on the sofa surface and then again on the treated rug where the water ran on to it from the sofa. I just hope that it will stand the test of time and abrasion. The spray gun provided isn’t great and I used more per sofa than I’d thought ( about 1.5litres) but perhaps I overdid the coverage! Would purchase it again.

Great service

Ordering was very easy. Great service and excellent delivery time. No nasty smell. Very happy to find and use a non toxic product on my two new linen armchairs.


To date have not received my not a good start

Hi Rosa.

I am very sorry that you still have not received your product yet.

As I'm sure you are aware, Aus post in having significant delays at the moment and unfortunately some of our products are being held up getting to our customers.

I have lodged an enquiry on your behalf with Aus post as it has been over the 5 days grace from the expected delivery date.

As soon as I hear back from Aus post, i will let you know.

So sorry again for the inconvenience.


Great product!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this product is great. Works well, no scent, easy to use (highly recommend the electric sprayer for any job more than a couple of chairs). This is my 4th purchase from this company so far (make sure you order enough!) and I will continue to use this and recommend it to my friends!

Good prooduct

Does exactly what it is advertised to do.
Quick service.
No hassle purchase.
Expedient shipping.
All around positive experience only.

Battery Sprayer
A Touch Of Home Decor

I'm so in love with this product and it's insane on how efficient it is! Definitely a must have to protect your furniture etc.

Thanks Protectme

Amazing product!

As a new homeowner I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for my forever home and of course want to protect these items - after using Protect Me products I thought I’d try tipping a some water on my bench seat that I used product on the day before - the water sat on top of the seat and didn’t seep in at all! 😱 I was shocked, amazed and happy all at once! I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone 🤩


I received my first order and have applied to furniture and now waiting for it to dry and look forward to the great results and better protection

Protect Me Product Spray

I ordered this product and finally had a chance to clean my couches with this warmer weather. It works just like advertised not letting any liquid seep in the fabric. So glad I purchased this will be letting all my family and friends know how good it really is.

Great product!

I use this to keep my dog collars lasting even longer through muddy adventures and it works amazing!

First time customer

I've just sprayed my 3.5 seater fabric lounge with protectME and I'll leave it to dry for the full 24 hours recommended. I used all of the 2 litre container for this job. I can't wait to do the 'liquid beading test' tomorrow. The videos I've seen are impressive. I appreciate the phone help I had from the technical team (Rachel) explaining how to insert the batteries into the spray gun to get me going this morning. Easy once I knew how. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering again to protect the rest of my furnishings. Thanks

Actually works!

This product is amazing. I have new velevet couches and purchased the 5lt with spray. So easy to use. I applied one coat, left it for 24 hours and tested it to see if I needed a second and I didn't. I have showed all my friends and family how well it works and they are all going to do their couches now. I still heave 3/4 left from my bottle too so I will be able to do my other couch when it arrives. Absolutely worth every cent!

5l Protectme fabric protection

Amazing product. Does exactly as seen on video. Thanx so much. 👍

So far so good

Tested on linen blend fabric sample and worked well sprayed my sofa with it and really happy with it.


Great product! Worked really well on my upholstered dining chairs and sofa. Make sure to order enough, as you end up needing more than you think and will want to do more stuff when you see it work! Highly recommend!

Great product

Works so well sprayed everything from my couch, to my car seats, quilt covers and bags!! Definitely purchasing again!


Excellent product & fast delivery. Will order again.

Not recieved

Haven't received product yet it's been a few weeks

Hi Veronika.

I am so sorry that you still haven't received your parcel.

I have looked up tracking and this is the last entry Aus post has made.

Delivered with signature at DERRIMUT PARCEL DELIVERY
Last update
12:27 pm

Has the post office been in contact with you or left a calling card?


So Far so good.

Applied ProtectMe. Didnt affect the colour in any way. Also had no smell to it. I put some water on it to check and it beaded straight off. So please Atm will see how it goes after a while

Brilliant product

I used this to safeguard all my fabric couches and chairs! Did a patch test after that and was amazed at the result. Another plus point is, it doesn’t smell!

Toddler proofing my cream lounge

So far so good! Definitely underestimated how much I'd use for the lounge. Hard to get an 'even coat', and hard to tell if some areas were missed. Not a great trigger for large areas. Was very quick to dry and no smells which is great!

It actually works!

I haven’t really even been convinced that previous fabric treatments I have previously purchased actually did anything at all. We are currently recovering some MCM dining chairs in a felted wool upholstery. We teated the fabric prior to reassembling the chairs. Before treatment, water just soaked into the fabric. After treatment, the water just ran off in droplets. The fabric still feels the same and looks the same … but now it has an invisible suit of armour protecting it from the inevitable accident. Amazing stuff 🙂