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When I saw these pop up on my feed I just knew I had to try this. No regrets! Its easy to use and works better than expected, not to mention a cool party trick and conversation starter. Love the spray gun it comes with making it easy to spray large areas. Thank you for also providing batteries!

Great product

Easy to use spray gun, works well and great coverage.

Great product! Ordered 750ml + 2L

I was extremely impressed how quickly I received my order. I live in Ontario, Canada, I ordered my products just before the Holidays. I received my products in less than 3 weeks from date of order. WOW!!
I haven’t used the product on my Sectional as yet, however, I tested it on one of the pillows and it was easy to apply and great results. Water didn't penetrate like advertised. So far so good!

protectME Fabric Protector Big Job Pack (2 Litre + Sprayer)

Fabric protection DIY

We were very happy with our fabric protection product. Came with everything and easily put together, even the batteries.
It sprayed evenly over the cushions.


Easy to apply and great results. Water didn't penetrate like advertised. So far so good!

It works!

I was a bit skeptical at first seeing this all over my Instagram. I purchased a smaller sized bottle to try on our new couch. After waiting what felt like FOR.EVER, I did the infamous water test and audibly gasped out loud when the water just slid right off! I have since repurchased this in the 2L bottle size and will be protecting everything I can in the house.

The shoe protector also works really well. My sister had sprayed it on a pair of white sneakers and spilt orange juice and coffee on them. And guess what? They're still white!

Has done the job really well for our couch and 3 kids!

I’ve been really happy with the product. I’ve got 3 kids and 2 dogs and stains just come off really well.

Simply Amazing

We just purchased new fabric dining chairs and thought we would give ProtectMe a try - just to try and protect them as much as possible. The application process was extremely easy! Just spray it on evenly and all over the fabric, we waited a day to make sure it was fully dry and ready for the water test... and OMG we were absolutely amazed and blown away with how the water just beaded off the chair and onto the floor!!! AMAZING!!! We are definitely purchasing more for our sofa! I highly recommend giving ProtectMe a try! You will be amazed! We surly were!

Great product

Easy to use, happy with results so far. I'm not sure of the safety of nanotechnology but love that it is odour free versus the offensive smell of Scotchgard. Will use again.

Great product!

This product doesn’t smell and water rolls off the furniture. Highly recommended.

So happy we found protectME!

We were really keen on finding a non-tox fabric protectant solution and really didn’t think we’d find one, let alone one that was great. We are really happy with the quality of the protectant! It was really easy to apply with the gun (we just wish we bought more as we went through it SUPER quickly). Part from that - highly recommend!

Fast delivery

We haven't spilt anything on the treated furniture item yet, so can't rate performance, but will be ordering more to cover other items

Carpet protection

Prompt delivery and ordering efficient
Product easy to apply and drying time as in directions
Very pleased with the product

Awesome product

Used on my couches after getting them cleaned.. haven't been stained since the product has been applied

Easy to apply and seems to do the trick

Easy to apply to my couch and seems to be working on repelling water. Probably need more quantity on the surface than stated.

Excellent product

Works perfectly, my second purchase of ProtectME

Love the spill test

Try it yourself - dribble water on something before you apply protect me. Then apply protect me and try it again - it beads off and does not soak in.

It works, really!

Recently purchased protectme for my new Fabric barstools, ottoman and couches. I applied a generous coating to all and allowed them to sun dry, we did the water test and the water simply beads off - completely dry, no mess, no stains and as though nothing fell on it. Definitely gives peace of mind especially with an indoor dog.

Great for households with pets!

We had our carpets treated with ProtectME and it's been really easy to vacuum and clean considering we have two dogs!

It works!

Bought the bundle of 2L and 750mls which was enough for 2 sofas and some dining chairs. I had to do a second coating for one sofa but it actually worked. It all repelled the fluids that I tested. Would buy another bundle!

returned customer

we used the upholstery protect product on a lounge set, we were renting whilst we built our new home. We have two kids and after 9 months there are no marks / stains. We have since moved into the new home and purchased another fabric lounge, we were very impressed with the protectme product so treated the new lounge as well.

Brilliant product

Easy to use & peace of mind ... no harsh chemicals. Result amazing. Spills bead up & simply blot up

Amazing stuff!

With 6 children, it’s very hard to keep furniture looking good. Constant cleaning makes fabric look worn quickly.
I’m so glad I found this product. It protects my fabrics from accidental spills by repelling liquid. The fabrics feel exactly the same as they did prior to application. This product is an absolute god-send and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to protect their furniture. So easy to apply too!

Fabric Protector = Reliable and value

Once again delivered the quality goods with ease and value