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Waiting for rain!

Received my order quickly and found it was easy to use. Now I'm just waiting for a rainy day so that I can get out there and find out how effective it is!

A safe alternative with great coverage

I opted to purchase protect me for my new couch after reading it's many positive reviews. While I have been lucky enough to not have to test its fully boundaries yet through spills or animal mishaps I was highly impressed by its coverage and ease of application use. No odd smells like you get with your regular scotch gaurd or alike products. Appears friendly on fabric. Doesn't mess up your walls or floor boards if you happen to go rogue while spraying. Also comes in eco friendly packaging. I will definetly be purchasing again for reapplication for my couch when it's time!

Worked a treat!

I used the 750ml spray for my dining chairs and it worked a treat! Strongly recommend!!


Very impressed, used it on my new velvet couch, and then did the water test and was really impressed


What an amazing product! BRB, going to spray everything in my entire house!!! Thank you 🙂

Super amazing protection

Love the product. Smells amazing and super easy to apply. Love it

Excellent product

Really pleased with this fabric protector. Fast shipping, easy application, no smell, quick to dry AND it really works!

Decent but challenging dispenser

Product seems good. However the spray dispenser works very poorly. Once the bottle gets to about half used, it's very difficult to get the sprayer to provide a strong or consistent stream. Very frustrating to use. The good news is this is a very easy fix the company can make.

ProtectMe products

Having two children under 2 years old has honestly saved my furniture from getting destroyed. We use to have a lot of milk spills and now it's so easy to clean off our dining chairs.

Great product

I sprayed a new Nepali wool carpet with the carpet protection spray a few years ago. So glad I did, because the carpet has light colours, and the cat has vomited on it lots of times. It’s been easy to wipe off - no stains. That inspired me to buy the shoe protector, but I haven’t used it yet.

Incredible product!!

Works extremely well. Any spills just roll off!

Not as good as I would’ve hoped

I had the couch professionally cleaned so that I could apply my ProtectMe spray (which arrived so quickly 👏🏻) I applied two coats over a couple of hours.
The other day a couple of drops of water spilt on it and they soaked in so fast. They didn’t bead on top like I had seen online.


It actually repels stuff, as per the video! Amazing natural alternative to scotch guard.

Excellent product.

Great product very happy with my purchase. Already tried on car seat cover and boot carpet, tracking/camping gear and floor carpet. The results are outstanding!!! My tracking shoes got sprayed with it and after dried became waterproof and super easy to clean off all the dirt. And not to forget No smell at all compare with some other spray product used before when I treated fabric surfaces and can't stand the strong odour for days. Highly recommend ProtectME it is a GREAT product.

Fabric protection

Hi I recently bought 5 ltr of the spray fabric protection. I have sprayed my lounge suite and 8 fabric dining chairs. The battery operated sprayer was easy to use and the solution did not change the fabric colour ar all. I am now going to order more to treat my new carpet.

Super impressed

I recently bought this for my new cream sofa and dining chairs…Love it. It arrived quickly, the fun to apply it is fantastic and the product itself works really well…yes, we had a spill already lol.

Easy to apply & Great Results!

Although only recently purchased, I can say that the product was super easy to apply to my new large couch, no toxic fumes, and so far the protection is working a treat albeit no major spills as yet thankfully.

Great protection for fabric furniture

I ordered the protectME fabric protector spray for our new fabric dining chairs, as I wanted to protect my new furniture, but did not want to use any potentially harmful chemicals. The spray was delivered quickly and easy to apply, no odour or fumes. I am so glad I used the spray because a few days later my cat was sick on one of the chairs. It was so easy to clean it up, nothing soaked into the fabric, and there were no stains whatsoever. I highly recommend this product.


Far better than scotchgaurd.
Pump bottle, no aerosol.

I’m actually impressed.
So far, a great product.

Does it have legs?

We’ll see


Great Product

Easy to use. Takes a while to dry just like says on the directions. I spilt water on it and it just runs off . Great product

Wow this stuff is amazing 🤩

I am completely shocked at how incredible this stuff is! It’s literally a life saver with two kids and a dog! How have I lived without this. So so happy with my purchase will be buying more thank you so much

Amazing Product

Got this product for our new couch - fantastic for when our dog jumps up.

Excellent protective product

It's great to be able to find a protective spray that's friendly to use with no nasties. I used it to protect new ugg boots & leather boots.....excellent results.

Perfect Protection

Have come back again and again!!!
Protect Me covers and protects all our Inside and outside Fabric Furnishings from our cushions, throws, light shades to curtaining throughout our AirBnB. Protects from spills to little fingers. If you need to wash your items to freshen up just wash and respray for that great protection.
Highly recommended Protect Me!!

Big job pack 2 litre

We have now had two lots of fabric protector which we have used on outdoor furniture and a new carpet and we are very happy with the protection it affords. The service and delivery time were excellent.