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Fantastic footwear protector!

Finally, something that ACTUALLY protects my shoes. It was the eco-friendly ingredients that first caught my attention, but after actually trying the protector I can vouch for the fact that it works incredibly well too!

So far, so good

I had bought 2 9sqm outdoor umbrellas without considering whether they were waterproof or not. At the first rain, we found they were definitely not. With an important function coming up, we were a bit desperate to find some waterproofing agent. We initially looked at all the products off the shelf at hardware type stores and camping stores, but there was nothing that would cover the required area at a price that could be considered reasonable. After spending a lot of time searching on the net, I found ProtectME and was able obtain a 2l container very quickly. Application was easy using a 5l pump sprayer, and I had enough to give each umbrella 2 coats. So far, it has proved to work pretty well, though the umbrella construction allows water through in a couple of places. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome and the service.

Easy Application, Great Results

I recently reupholstered a lounge suite and want the set to last for years. I searched around and really liked all of the specs of the ProtectMe products. I got the 2L with the sprayer option as I wanted to protect my lounge suite and rug. The sprayer was easy to use, however it is a little messy. There were no harsh fumes during or after application. We put ProtectMe to the test this last weekend as our lounge had Singapore Slings, which are like alcoholic red cordial, spilled all over it. The liquid just balled up and wiped off. It didn’t soak in at all or stain. Seriously if I spill Singapore slings on my kitchen bench it leaves a red mark but the lounge and rug were perfectly fine. Thank you! I will buy again for the re-application in 3 years!

4 litre fabric protector

I was looking for a fabric protector for my dinning chairs & found protectME. Very easy to apply with a trigger bottle & happy to be supporting an Australian made product. Will be ordering again when needed.

What an amazing business

I stumbled across ProtectMe online and have started using their products with incredible success. The service was amazing and they answered every one of my questions in a positive and understanding manner. Nothing was too much trouble. Best of all their products are CHEMICAL FREE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. We will be ordering from them again.

protectME Textile Savings Pack (750ml Spray + 2 Litre)

So far so good!

I love that this product is non-toxic, wipes up easily (over-spray) and does appear to create a hydrophobic layer on the furniture it is protecting - which is what it is meant to do! I only applied it recently so not sure how long it will last but happy with it so far!

so easy to use

Great to use a non toxic product particularly when we spray the prduct into air.
So far the results are great.

Best Fabric Protector

No smell, easy to use (especially with trigger fitting), dries quickly and beads well after light spray. Way better than any other products we have used. Will definitely use again.

Excellent and easy to use

So simple and effective. We bought a new couch and we have loved the ease of applying it. It works exactly as described and I can now not worry about the fabric so much with my 2 small kids and dog.

protectME Textile Big Job Pack (2 Litre + Sprayer)

Easy to use and apply

I used this for our new couch. I got the battery operated spray gun and it was very easy to use and apply. Have not spilt anything on it yet so cannot comment on the effectiveness so far.

5 star

Very impressed. Easy to use and non toxic. Perfect for children and pets.



Fab protection

Just recently applied protectME to our new lounge and chairs.
We haven’t had any marks to clean off yet since the application but the spray gun we used was a really good applicator.
As soon as we get a spill or something we need to clean off, I’ll let you all know how I went.
I love that this product is not toxic like most others and there were no nasty vapours to deal with after use.

ProtectMe for furniture

Perfect for my lounge suite - very easy to apply and instructions clear.

Amazing service and product

Love this product ..... would like a warning on it to let people know to be careful when spraying as if it gets on other surfaces it may damage ie glass

Excellent product does what it is supposed to

We bought the 2 litre pack for a brand new fabric couch. We applied 2 coats generously through out the couch and it has worked a treat!. We have a dog and the couch stays super clean easily. We will be buying more for our rugs and other couchs. Great product.

Love that it’s safe

Used to protect my new light coloured pram from damage due to messy fingers! Haven’t had the chance to see it in action yet but I love that it’s safe, unlike other alternatives. I can already see that it repels water very well

Great toxic free protection

Works great and happy to know it is vegan and toxic free 😀

Works so well!!

I’ve used this on my couch, ottoman and my sons shoes so far. It’s so well to repel water and helps avoid water stains on my suede looking couch.

Great product

I bought this as I wanted to protect the seats in a new car. All I can say is that it works like it states. I sprayed it on, no smell, then tested it the next day and the water just beaded and ran straight off. So I used it on a material foot stool and the same happened. Would recommend this product if they were looking at protecting something.

Glad I Found This Product

Was searching for a waterproofing product for my outdoor lounge setting, as I wanted to use a non-waterproof material for new cushions. Found protectME online and it was excellent. Easy to use and great instructions although I used more for the recommended area. However, I was just so happy with the results it did not matter. Have kept some spare for any little spots I may have missed and would definitely recommend protectME as an excellent waterproofing product.

Protect Me Spray

Easy transaction, fast postage and great product!

So far, so good.

We've moved into a new home and have a lot of fabric furniture to treat - lounges, dining chairs and outdoor furniture. We purchased 10 litres of protectME along with the spray gun and found it easy to apply, with no fumes or irritating odour. We haven't had to test the treatment yet, but with grandchildren visiting often, this will happen sooner or later!