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First time user

Used this product for the first time. Very easy to apply and no smell or fumes. Customer service was also very good.

ProtestMe protects my products

Missy Mao Mao Vegan bags is proud to use protectMe Textiles to protect the fabric on our bags. We have been using protectMe for the past two years and have found it better than other products like this on the market. No horrible smell and easy to use and importantly there is no change in the look of the fabrics.

Would get again

I bought this to protect my new fabric chairs. Liquids bead off exactly as described and no smell during application or after. I’ll be purchasing more and covering the house!

Fabric protector

A brilliant product and a little goes a long way. I will definitely buy more. Thx

Very happy with the shirts we purchased

Good Product

Creates nice bubbles of water, Wine etc. Dab fluid off but don’t rub as this “pushes” liquid into fabric.

Loving this Protectme Juice

Post using lots of protectME

We sprayed 4 sofas 2 large rugs a few cushion covers & a pair of hiking shoes with the gun ( a must for lots of big items ) - used 8 litres - now we are ready for a party with no worries ❤️

Delighted to have found a non-toxic option

We have a 2 year old & recently received a beautiful big rug as a gift. After researching the ingredients in the chemical-based textile-protectors, there was no way we were going to spray a can of that onto something we sit on & play on all day. I was over the moon to find protectME as an alternative. It's more expensive than an off the shelf can in the supermarket, but you can't put a price on health. Will go back to these guys for all future fabric protection needs.

Happy ProtectME purchase

Easy application using the trigger gun available for purchase and beaded as desired after first application. I did need to use more product then required however and will need to purchase extra to protect my cushions etc. Product is just as described and I am happy with results so far 👍🏻

Nice product!

I start spraying onto all furniture that got fabric in my house! Finished 2 bottles in a week 🙂

First time user

Just used product for first time on new lounge suite. So far all seems good. Have put water on lounge suite and it acted as it said it would. Hoping it continues to work. Will purchase again.

Easy to apply, works as described

So far impressed with the results. Used it on my new sofa with the battery operated sprayer. Only issue was getting the spray pressure right and used a lot more than expected for one sofa.


I have just treated my new sofas with protectME and it really works like magic. There is no smell at all and it arrived super quickly!

Protecting new sofas & rugs

Purchased a small spray bottle (750mls) of protectME - I wanted to try first ( doubting Thomas 😂) - did some spot spraying - no problem with 3 different fabrics - I’m about to order a huge bottle & a gun as I have 4 sofas 2 chairs & 2 large rugs to get the treatment - Dan did say I’d need 2 litres for a 3 seater - he’s spot on ( excuse the pun ) - after I tried a few areas I got half way through the sofa & ran out of the good stuff - btw I just tipped a glass of water over 1 cushion & off it rolled 🎉💃👌

Protect me upholstery fabric protector

After doing allot of research I found that protect-me was the best product and the best priced Silicon Dioxide fabric protector on the market. I wanted a safe,No odour, easy to apply and fast curing product. Protect-me satisfied all of these requirements. I will be referring this product to any body that I know that requires an upholstery fabric protector.

A must household product

Fantastic product and fantastic customer service. I applied it on my 3 seater fabric couch & it works a treat. I can finally buy fabric dinning chairs & not worry about food & drink spills.

Protectme Water Repellent.

We have tried the protectme product on our outdoor jackets.
GREAT product. Excellent water Repellent.
Wouldn't be without the protectme for all our outdoor gear.

Easy to apply

The spray bottle makes it easy to apply. It does have a smell to it (sort of like perfume) but seems to go away after a few hours. The only negative is that I wish the spray bottle head was an option on the product page or at checkout. Sending one with every single bottle means I end up with more waste (not everyone can afford the large refills). Please add this as an option!

I love this

Works, just works.
Doesn't smell like cancer like all other aromatic hydrocarbons old school sealants.
Awesome value,

Highly recommend.

I’ve used on sofas and jackets with no color changes or residue even on outdoor treated furniture covers. Battery applicator made it so easy to apply.

Amazing Product.

I wish I knew about this earlier. So many uses for it and it does not conatin harsh chemicals. Even better, the warehouse is close to home!

Wonderful Product To Use

I recently purchased the 5 ltr fabric protector with the sprayer to protect several new pieces of furniture for our bed and breakfast business. We found this product extremely easy to use and very cost effective. I would recommend this product.

Put simply, it works.

protectMe Textiles is a great product that does what it claims to do. I like that it is a non-scent product as well and very affordable.

Great alternative to chemical products

Very happy with the ProtectMe solution, easy to apply on carpet and lounges. My wife is also very happy it's environmentally friendly!