Hemp, sisal, seagrass and jute rugs are talk of the town in 2019 and there are no questions why. These natural looking rugs are not only stylish and eco-friendly, but they’ve also been hailed the saviour for households with allergy sufferers, children and pets. We think they’re a great addition to your natural home decor and will explain why, along with how to clean, protect and prolong the life of your trendy new natural fibres rug.

The green tick of approval

Jute rugs are made with natural stem fibres sourced from India and China. The earthy, organic texture is firm, durable and ideal for creating a calming environment in Australian homes. Jute rugs are usually handmade, and should be recyclable and biodegradable when made 100% out of natural fibres. In addition, the fibres are fast-growing making it a sustainable choice for home décor.  

jute rug stain protection
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Synthetic fabrics take hundreds of years to decompose, and it’s more important than ever to choose sustainable and recyclable home décor that wont find its way into landfill after a few years of use. Jute rugs are tightly woven, strong and timelessly stylish, making them a multipurpose piece of décor that will survive constant tread as well as ever-changing trends.

They’re durable under foot in high traffic areas, meaning you won’t need to constantly roll up the old and unravel the new. Plus, by using a rug fabric protector spray, you’ll add years to its life.

How to clean

Jute rug cleaning is oh so simple, and we’re thrilled such a practical trend exists. Given the fibre’s naturally brown appearance, it handles general wear and tear well and you won’t spot every speck of dust it catches. It doesn’t require any special attention to maintain its beautifully raw look, and a regular, quick vacuum to remove any dust or dirt will suffice.

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How to protect

Given it’s woven with thick, natural fibres, jute rugs tend to be rather absorbent and removing stains can become tricky. Luckily, adding a protective layer to your rug should repel most stains or spills. Our non toxic fabric protector spray is a breathable, invisible coating that will protect while maintaining your rug’s natural appearance for up to 3 years per application. Given the jute fibres high absorbency, we recommend to increase the standard 100ml of fabric protector per m2 of surface. Contact our customer service team for further assistance!

Maintain the look, feel and longevity of your jute rug with our water-based solution and watch it thrive in high traffic areas.

If you’re using a jute rug to bring life to your bathroom, our water repellent spray will ensure it retains its strength in the damp environment. Moisture protection is also an effective defence against mould on your rug. Read our article on how to avoid mould on carpets to find out more.

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How to style into your interior

Colour, pattern and texture are the interior design trends taking over this year. Jute rugs can be styled into just about every setting, and add an organic look to even the most modern interiors.  

Jute offers a raw but relatively soft texture that is eye-catching, without stealing the spotlight from other design elements in your home. Style with neutral tones for a minimal look, or go for bold prints, patterns, animal spots and stripes for a modern style.

Jute rugs are also available in eccentric geometric patterns, which can be styled alongside other woven furniture to create a bold and charming space.

Go ahead, jump on the natural fibre trend! Jute rugs are easy to style, simple to protect and a solid high five for the environment. If a jute rug has woven its way into your home décor and you’re ready to give it a long and prosperous life, order your rug and carpet protector from our online store today.