Fabric protector spray:
how to use

Prior to application

Upholstery & Carpets

Vacuum surfaces thoroughly & remove any existing stains. Any cleaning products should be removed.


Clean in cold water only to remove any traces of detergents or softeners.

How much
should I use ?

Approximately 100ml per m².
A second coat may be needed for carpets & thicker materials.

4 easy steps to #stainproofyourlife

with our eco friendly fabric protector

check your fabric

Shake well and apply to a small test area for colour fastness. Not all textiles are colourfast.

Spray away

Spray an even layer from 15cm in a back & forth motion so that textile becomes moist.

wait for it

Allow a minimum of 12 hours for coating to cure. In temperatures below 18°C allow up to 24 hours.

test for coverage

…by spraying a little water on the textile. Small beads should form on the surface. If not, additional application may be required.

Storage & maintenance

Unopened bottles

2 years in +3°C to 30°C temperatures


2-3 years depending on traffic & use (much longer than traditional products)

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