Waterproof spray for shoes

Keep your favourite shoes clean &
dry with protectME!

Stain proof your wardrobe

When you spend time and money finding the perfect sneakers, black boots or leather stilettos, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Spills, mud & dirt, rain, snow are often not a good mix and can affect the appearance, function and durability of your item.

Our waterproof spray for shoes is an eco friendly fabric protector and offers the future in high-tech liquid and stain proofing to keep your favourite items like new. Using the latest nanotechnology from Germany, protectME is an invisible and breathable protective coating that repels and protects from liquids, dirt and stains whilst still allowing items to look, feel and smell natural.

Our eco friendly fabric protector is perfect for all kind of shoes & boots: leather, canvas, suede, or synthetics. Our waterproof spray is also suitable for clothes and accessories: handbags, jackets, suits, ties, uniforms, shirts, skirts snowboarding or skiing cloths, wet weather clothes, hiking clothes and hats.

protectME is ready to use, resistant to abrasion, machine washable (up to 30 washes), environmentally friendly, water-based and odourless. So it is safe to be applied around family, kids, pets & allergy sufferers. 

Product information

Suitable for

Baby seats & baby capsules, car seats, car carpet flooring and mats & soft top convertible roofs. Cotton, leather, suede, synthetics, wool & silk.


Use between 80-100ml per m2 depending on the absorbency of the surface. For thicker textiles a second coat may be required.

Drying time

Allow a minimum of 12 hours for coating to cure. In temperatures below 18°C allow up to 24 hours.


2-3 years depending on traffic and use.

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