Mattress & bedding protector spray

Help protect your mattress & bedding from spills,
stains and slips-ups with protectME!

Stain proof your bed

We spend 1/3 of our life lying on our mattress, and unlike bedding that can be stripped off and washed, mattresses often harbour stains, spills, dirt, dust, dust mites or worse! Keeping a clean, hygienic mattress is not only important to overall health and well being, but also to increase its life expectancy.

When it comes to bedding including doonas, duvets, quilts, blankets, sheets and pillows, not all spills and stains are easy to remove (coffee stains on white sheets, we’re looking at you). Protecting these items prior to use gives you the best chance of keeping these items clean & looking their best.

Our mattress and bedding protector spray will help keep your items dry & clean without affecting their appearance, feel and smell. protectME is perfect for mattresses, pillows, doonas, duvets, blankets, mattress protectors & bed sheets.

Unlike mainstream fabric protectors, our eco friendly stain guard is water based and non toxic. It’s safe to be applied in the bedroom, around family, kids, pets and allergy sufferers.

Using the latest nanotechnology from Germany, protectME is an invisible and breathable coating that repels and protects from liquids, dirt and stains whilst still allowing items to look, feel and smell natural. The spray is ready to use, resistant to abrasion, machine washable (up to 30 washes), water-based and odourless.

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Product information

Suitable for

Baby seats & baby capsules, car seats, car carpet flooring and mats & soft top convertible roofs. Cotton, leather, suede, synthetics, wool & silk.


Use between 80-100ml per m2 depending on the absorbency of the surface. For thicker textiles a second coat may be required.

Drying time

Allow a minimum of 12 hours for coating to cure. In temperatures below 18°C allow up to 24 hours.


2-3 years depending on traffic and use.

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